With rising production costs and price pressure due to a global market place, existing tool concepts become obsolete. Get familiar with the M C L product line and learn how we can support you to stay ahead of your competition. Our modular designs allow us to offer you a wide range of process solutions.

Multiple tools, based on the same platform, with radial, three dimensional layouts, will help you to optimize your Cost of Ownership. Our deep process knowledge, the consequent use of high level components and our scalable software architecture will support your requirements, now and in the future.

The MC Square is used in a well-known printer Inc. manufacturer in Singapore, a micro – optics producer in Singapore and Switzerland and a leading automotive chip manufacturer in Italy, Austria and Germany.
The following photo resists have been successfully qualified:
- Durimide 9005
- IX 8456 – 34CP
- AZ nLof 2070
- Neg. Polyimide LTC 9520

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  • HotplatestackHotplatestack
  • MC-SquareMC-Square
  • MC-Square MC-Square 
  •  Dispense Dispense


Lower Cost of Ownership
-    80% Common Parts
-    Smallest Clean-room Footprint
-    High Throughput
-    Lower Maintenance Costs
 Variable Process Components
-    Modular Design
-    Wide range of Applications supported
-    Custom Solutions based on Standard Products
 Standardized Interfaces, open and expandable
-    Operator GUI
-    Recipe Management
-    Automation


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